Dr Veronica Damian

MVZ,MVS,MANZCVSc (Radiology)

CEO Soundiagnosis. Veterinarian and Clinical Sonographer and Instructor.


Education: Bachelor in Veteinary Science at UNAM Mexico. (Honours and University Medal)

Master in Veterinary Studies (Radiology) at The University of Melbourne 

Veronica is Member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (MANZCVSc) 2009; 

Australasian Association of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging since 2003.

Practice Experience: Mobile ultrasound service to small animal practices since 2004, operating first in Mexico City, and in Melbourne, Australia since 2009,


Currently providing the service to many Veterinary practices in Melbourne, including Specialist referral centres.

She also is an Instructor and co-founder of Soundiagnosis Academy.

Personal interestsSpending time with her two kids and husband, loves painting. 

She has a lovely cat “Mateo” who was adopted from being stray when she was working at the University.

Dr Priscilla Foong

Senior Veterinarian and Clinical Sonographer and Instructor

Education: Bachelor in Veterinary Science at the University of Melbourne.

Sonology Distance Education program at the Univeristy of Sydney.

Rabbits, Rodents and Feline Internal Medicine Distance Education program at the Univeristy of Sydney. 


Practice Experience: General Veterinary Practice (medicine and surgery) in Melbourne since 2009.

She joined Soundiagnosis in 2014 and has now more than 6 years experience in Diagnostic Ultrasound.

She also is an instructor at Soundiagnosis Academy



Personal interest: Loves Soccer, Pilates, Tennis and Dancing. She has a beautiful daughter and  two cats: “Colours” and “Destiny”.

Dr. Pia Hayat
BVSc Hons

Veterinarian, Surgeon and Clinical Sonographer

Education Bachelor in Veterinary Science, University of Melbourne (2002).

Distance Education courses in Sonology (2010) & Surgery (2007) through Sydney University

Advanced Ultrasound training with Soundiagnosis


Practice Experience: Has worked as a General Practitioner in both small animal & mixed practices full time as well as in locum positions across Melbourne, Perth and U.K.

She started training at Soundiagnosis in 2017, and she is now an experiened Sonographer. Her special interests are diagnostic imaging & soft tissue surgery.


Personal interests: Mountain bike riding, tennis, hiking, reading, horse riding. Sharing time with her cheeky black Labrador puppy Olive who is currently renovating the back yard.

Dr. Phoebe Nunn


Veterinarian, Surgeon and Clinical Sonographer

Education: Bachelor in Veterinary Science, University of Melbourne 2013
Ultrasound training with Soundiagnosis 2018.


Practice Experience: General Veterinary Practice (medicine and surgery) in Melbourne since 2013. She started training in Diagnostic Ultrasound at Soundiagnosis in 2018. Her interests are Small Animal Internal Medicine and Diagnositc Imaging (Ultrasound)

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