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Left Parathyroid Mass in a Border Collie

Updated: Feb 15

Left parathyroid mass in a Border Collie

Updated February 2024 by Soundiagnosis Mobile Veterinary Ultrasound

Canine, female spayed, 9 years old, Border Collie


In August 2023, the patient was presented at a clinic in Metropolitan Melbourne, Victoria, Australia displaying foaming and dribbling, polydipsia and uncoordinated movements of the head when drinking water. The owner also reported she was hyporexic and her mouth was open constantly. Bloodwork was performed and hypercalcemia was noted. A complete abdominal ultrasound was done by Soundiagnosis obtaining unremarkable findings. Thoracic and head radiographs also revealed no obvious reasons for the clinical signs. Urinalysis revealed USG 1.009 and more specific blood tests were obtained showing high PTH and high ionised calcium. In January 2024, a neck ultrasound was performed by Soundiagnosis.


Sonographic findings:

A complete neck ultrasound was performed under sedation where a  hypoechoic nodule of 0.64cm x 0.54cm x 0.71cm  was noted towards the cranial pole of the left thyroid gland, consistent with an enlarged left external parathyroid gland. The internal parathyroid gland preserved normal size and appearance.  The right thyroid gland and the remaining structures of the neck appeared unremarkable. The differential diagnosis included: Neoplasia (adenoma), hyperplasia.


Surgical resection was recommended.


As per recommended, surgical resection of the left external parathyroid gland (parathyroidectomy) was performed.

Histopathology of the nodule revealed “Neuroendocrine” tumour (compatible with a parathyroid chief cell carcinoma)

After surgery, calcium levels were found to be within normal limits.

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