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About Soundiagnosis

We are passionate about Ultrasound in all its applications!

We are a Mobile team of Veterinarians Experienced in Diagnostic Ultrasound who travel around Melbourne, Victoria and surrounding areas to perform full abdominal ultrasounds, echocardiography, thoracic, musculoskeletal, eye  and neck ultrasounds in Small Animals and some exotics, to support Clinicians in an accurate diagnosis.


Founded in 2009 by Dr. Veronica Damian

She studied a Master Degree in Diagnostic Imaging at the University of Melbourne in 2003.  Since then she has performed diagnostic ultrasound in Mexico and later in Australia where she founded Soundiagnosis. More than 16 years experience and more than 10 years providing a thorough and professional service to all the Vet Clinics in Melbourne, Victoria.



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Patient preparation

Prior to the study we recommend to:

1  Fast the patient for 6-12 hours (water is allowed)

2  Clip the patient in the region to be evaluated

    (full abdominal studies may require a wide clipping area)

3  Ideally, the patient has a full urinary bladder.

4  If tru-cut biopsy is required a full coagulation profile is strongly recommended.

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